Monday, August 06, 2007

Thank You

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everybody for your kind words, comments and e-mails. It has been a great comfort to me and our families to read them so thank you again. The funeral will take place on Thursday and I take some strength knowing that her love and lively personality touched so many.


Monday, July 30, 2007

Alice Cox - The Good Kharma Bunny. 1974 - 2007.

I really don't know how to start this. My name is Simon and I am Alice's husband. I thought you all should know that Alice passed away suddenly in the early hours of Sunday morning. We are coping the best we can and the kids are dealing with it well, little Emi doesn't really understand and Adam is being incredibly brave. We are currently surrounded by family and friends and I guess in the long run we will be fine. This blog, the contacts Alice made across the world due to this blog and the 'secret pals' she took part in meant a great deal to her and helped her through some difficult times so thank you all, you meant a lot to her. She was one of a kind and I will always miss her very much.
Thank you all

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bunny Boppin!!

Dear All,
Oh so much to tell....
First a small apology to my secret pal for not posting these pickies sooner.
Not long ago I said I'd had my last package well I hadn't.
When I returned there was one waiting for me, It's a great package.
My secret pal was Juliet
She has a great blog with the most beautiful photographs, and she's very talented.
Look what I got.
emi loved the wool
I'm still slightly freaked by the CD, in a good way. Juliet you dont say why you included the cd.
It's odd cos I'd seen them at glastonbury ( on TV) and thought I must remember that name, and promptly forgot. I've soo enjoyed it. And I have a film of emi dancing to it if you want to see it.
The other things were lovely; wool and sweets in the theme of Sweetpea. I also got a beautiful pin all cleverly crafted by Juliet. It's lovely, I'm going to put it on my denim jacket, especially as I'm going out dancin tonight. thank you Juliet for all my lovely packages.

Other things that have happened this week...
I went to the Lutterworth Embroiderers guild summer BBQ.
Now I have to put a big shout out to the ladies cos apparently there are quite a few who read.
SO HELLOOOOOOO, make yourself known and comment, you dont have to have a blog to comment...... ( click on comment at the end of a post)
We are seriously considering a flash mob BBQ next yr, the weather is always terrible. Mum and I went to the workshop before the BBQ. Run by an amazing women called Alyssa Robinson, she was mums tutor for her city and guild and will be mum's tutor for her diploma ( starting in september!!!!!)
The workhop was fab, It was called TEXTURE; creating surfaces for stitch with heat and gloop, Alyssa showed us lots of pots of goo, textured goos and shrink plastics and rubbing things and I have nothing that would work of a photographic medium that I could show you. So instead I'm going to show you how talented Alyssa is by showing you her cloth doll that she won the midlands embroiderers competition with. She is a very talented woman.( I did ask if I could show it to you). This is Cherry she's a Bakewell tart.

Yesterday I went to another workshop, My only living threads workshop this time. It was "Think 3D" by Kathe Panting. It was very good and totally thinking outside the box.
We had to make structures using paper and bonda web and thin fabric. The structures were based on nature. I was very please with what I produced.

A sycamore seed ,
an Honesty seed head,
and a seed head from an unnamed weed in my garden.

Also whilst on the workshop I bumped into Bev from knitting4fun, who has her new batch of banana yarn in.... need I say more
oh and this morning I blitzed some of the garden, and tonight I'm going to the Ceroc freestyle in loughborough, very excited...

So I've not been idle


Monday, July 23, 2007

The bunny returns!!!!

We're back!!!!!!!
we're fine, we've had a fab time.
just gonna post a couple of pickies and go to bed.
had a fab package from my secret palwhen I got back, who is no longer secret but I will do it and her more justice anon...
SO Wales 2007.....
So mr Tonka truck will be pleased to know that he is the most popular toy on the beach yet again this year, we had dads positively drooling as they went passed!!!
and to prove I do know the meaning of relaxing and quality time....( yes hats are a theme in our family)

and to enter into the whole theme of the weeks weather here in the uk..... emi today enters the most pink water nymph competition before going out.
I think she is a contender...
more very soon, and hopefully some textile news....
al xxx

Thursday, July 12, 2007

In the words of Sir Cliff himself!

"we're all going on a summer holiday......."
Life is just soooo manic
Actually I'm not sure what I've been doing...
ooohh went dancing, so much healthy fun,
Adam got a huge black eye from not playing kiss chase....
school sports day
school summer fayre
organising for the holiday...
Great grans birthday
Children coming for tea after school.
Only having one car for a week
All good fun

wound my lace weight and banana yarn so I can take them on holiday.
actually I started the banana yarn and crocheted with my new wooden size ten crochet hook ( thank you)
And most importantly
I got my Prudence book,the freeform crochet book ( second edition), I cant look at it until we are on holiday else we wont get there.
now I have to decide if i need the handbags book as well!!
Going to wales for a week with my parents and the kids.
oooh and the colinette shop is on the way and on the way back!!
did I mention I was going on holiday....
see you when I get back

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

a multitude of fab parcels

Dear all,
Having extracted my youngest, kicking and screaming from the computer, I have managed to post these.
First package I received was my Knitters treat exchange, all the way from kate in Australia.
There was a whole list of things;
A huge length of beautiful green thai cotton
A skein of bright green banana silk
a ball of jumbuck yarn
a Yarn magazine
a book called the koala who bounced ( very cool story, emi loved it)
a first edition coles magazine
some Lush bath salts, emi keeps picking it up and saying "me bubbles, me bubbles!!", hmm she is definitely my daughter.
needles, crochet hooks, buttons, chocolates, a colouring in book of australian plants and animals, a bag a kinky knits pattern book.
and a postacrd of a sock knitter
all so exciting, thank you so much.
I'm going to take it all on holiday with me and read and play with it all.
this wonderful package came from Kate at Bluemountainknits

then there was the my last secret pal package...

which was a lovely collection of things
a beautiful little manequin, which I'm hoping to display bracelets and things on,
...pins, always important,
lots of love heart sweets, adam is having lots of fun with these. He kept saying "find me find me" this pm and we kept saying no cant see you, and it took us ages to realise he was reading his sweet( pah parents).
I got a great pack of fimo, yes I too played alot with this as a kid, cant wait to make some beads and buttons with the kids.
a morehouse merino scarf kit with yarn and pattern, also going on holiday,
and a ball of gedifra filorosa a fab yarn that has every possible texture in it,in one ball. Might crochet a swirly scarf in it for fun.
and my pal had recently been to Barcelona and bought me a fab little magnet mug for the fridge and this beautiful fimble.
I'm so lucky. thank you very very much.
But I still dont know who you are!! go on give me clue.

So what a week, I'm going to go and lay it out on the floor and play!

Thank you both very much
al x

Soooo very lucky

Dear all,
I have received two wonderful parcels over the last few days
One from my knitter treat exchange and one from my secret pal.
I have taken the photos I just have to extract emi from cbeebies and fight with blogger to post them. Both of which are tricky!
So this is a quick one to say they have been received and I am over the moon with the generous contents.
I will try to post the photos later today.
al x

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Flowers and Crochet

Dear all,
I have a few minutes, so I'm going to post some of the things I havent been able to post for the last month, because of the marking situation.Firstly I can tell you all about my Secret Pal 10 person that I spoiled.I spoiled Helen, who lives in Australia.
I've really enjoyed spoiling her, she' s a very talented knitter, who likes jewel colours and turkish delight amongst other things.
For one of her packages I did her a crocheted freeform bracelet which I could'nt tell you about because it would have given the whole thing away. So I have a few pickies.
I really must make some more of these.
Then I have some lovely flower pickies. I was given these by my good friend Amanda, whose boy, Cameron, I looked after whilst she gave birth to her lovely baby Lauren. I've not posted these sooner because I was going to post a picky of Lauren but haven't got around to taking one yet and Lauren is three weeks old!
Very kind of her. off to cord wind with the embroiderers guild tonight
al x

Almost done

Dear all,
Did I mention hubby was marking this month?
He marks AS level exam papers.
So for the month of June he locks himself away.
He's almost done!
But this year I think he's taken it a bit too far.
I think Emi has passed her AS in grubbiness with flying colours.
al x